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dancing and crying
playlist made by brodsky.

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is it spring?
playlist made by vassiłina.

"🌸 Bye bye seasonal depression - hello springtime melancholia 🌸"
playlist made by platon.

"how would it feel if a song was a semi warm april night? do you ever wonder how a month would taste?"
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playlist made by matina sous peau.

"2022 is the year dedicated to love. "22" playlist contains songs from different genres, sharing one common thing, it welcomes you to think of your favourite person, or even better enjoy their  loving company"
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sweet feelin's
playlist made by denver cuss.
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playlist made by nalyssa green

"songs sung by women"
sonic meaning
playlist made by norbu

"Sonic Meaning is a collection of 'politically' oriented tracks that have a great sound. The idea is that as important as it is to communicate about the issues in the world and the importance of action, this can be done in a way that adds beauty to the world. " norbu
playlist made by nuâge.


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