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2manythings _ gwen bunn

Gwen Bunn is a versatile artist whose specialty is a slightly unconventional but highly relatable form of R&B. Although she's known most on a commercial level for her contributions to a pair of Grammy-nominated rap albums, namely ScHoolboy Q's "Oxymoron" and Rapsody's "Laila's Wisdom", her collaborative work as a writer, producer, and vocalist defies typecasting, ranging from jazz to reggae. Her own discography includes self-released albums "The Verdict" (2009) and "Safe Travels" (2017), as well as the Island-issued single "No Days Off" (2020). allmusic

2ManyThings” is Bunn’s first release of the year and marks her return to the mic since appearing on Songs From Scratch: Volume 1.

This song was special for many reasons. The song is about longing for someone and knowing that y’all are better together than apart regardless of the ups and downs,” Bunn explained. “Legendary moment because Faith doesn’t do many features and her being willing was an honor.ratedrnb


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