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brown skin beauty _ amaroun

Growing up in a religious Jamaican-British family, Amaroun fell in love with music throughout her childhood. Finding comfort in the soft grace of the piano keys as well as the strings of her guitar, Amaroun creates music to form lasting connections - whether these be with herself or those around her. “Brown Skin Beauty” is no different, an anthem for finding acceptance. thelineofbestfit

Amaroun is a multi talented musician, producer, poet and filmmaker.

Her kaleidoscopic music and silky vocals tells the story of a life lived at the intersections of culture and identity and celebrates blackness, queerness and womanhood in all its glory.

“This song is a battle cry and a lullaby to every brown skinned beauty out there doubting herself,“ Amaroun shares. “It's about courageously stepping into your power no matter what is holding you back. The lyrics represent the journey of building to confidence, of freedom and of being comfortable in your own black, queer skin." thelineofbestfit


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