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charlotte cardin

Story time: 2 years ago I discovered this artist on youtube through the song "Dirty Dirty". The song was on my front page and I remember just clicking on it to see if I'll find something interesting. That was it, I was in love. I couldn't stop thinking about the song and her voice. I caught myself going back again and again to watch her and listen to the track. In 2021, she released the album"Phoenix". I bought the ticket for the online album release concert and it was incredible! I remember sharing the link with a friend of mine in Greece and they got hooked too! A bit closer to now, 9 months ago Charlotte Cardin announced a European tour. I set my alarms to get in front of the queue and get a ticket for the concert in London, but unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough. Until 3 weeks ago, when I got an email notification from TicketSwap that someone was selling a ticket, AND I GOT IT! Finally, I managed to see Charlotte live last Tuesday 12th of April at Lafayette in London and she didn't disappoint. Her vocals are so unique and crystal clear, her performance keeps your eyes locked on her and her talking voice with a sweet French Canadian accent is so cute! Ok my story is finished now, let's meet Charlotte a bit better:

Charlotte Cardin is a Canadian pop, electro and jazz singer-songwriter from Montreal, Quebec. Cardin began her career as a model at the age of 15, where she appeared in numerous advertising campaigns such as Barilà. thevogue

A Top 4 finalist in the first season of the TVA singing competition La Voix in 2013, later the same year she was featured on Garou’s album "Au milieu de ma vie" as a duet vocalist on the single "Du vent, des mots." On March 1, 2014, she appeared on the sister series The Voice: la plus belle voix in France to perform the song with Garou, a judge on that edition. thevogue

She released her solo debut EP, "Big Boy – EP", in 2016 on Cult Nation Records. The EP featured songs in both English and French. She was a shortlisted SOCAN Songwriting Prize finalist in the French division for her song “Les échardes”, and the title track “Big Boy” was playlisted on CBC Radio 2 and charted on the Radio 2 Top 20. She made an appearance on the talk show "Tout le monde en parle" to discuss her mini-album in November 2016. thevogue

At the 2017 SOCAN Songwriting Awards, she was a nominee in the English category for “Big Boy” and in the French category for “Faufile”, becoming the first artist in the history of the award to be nominated in both categories in the same year. In 2017 she released her second EP, "Main Girl EP". The title track reached #1 on the Radio 2 Top 20. thevogue

In a sea of emerging singer-songwriters, very few have a voice as captivating and tunes as hypnotic as Charlotte Cardin‘s. While both EPs (Big Boy, Main Girl) earned positive reviews from fans and critics alike, it is with "Phoenix", her debut full-length album, that the 26-year-old singer feels she is finally able to show listeners her true self. “I have always been torn between who I was deep down and what I thought people wanted from me,” Cardin says, “and I was able to let go of that ambivalence during the creation of this album.” hypebae

Not wanting to release her album into the unknown space of March 2020, Cardin held onto it, going back into a different kind of seclusion for another year. In September 2020, she released the lead single, "Passive Aggressive" which kicked off a late song-of-summer vibe with a kiss-off message delivered on soft synths and a sneaky bassline. Next came the addictive "Daddy" then "Meaningless" a song that sounds like a bonus track from London band the xx. It was the perfect buildup to an album that was more than ready to be released. cbc

A metaphor for growth and liberation, "Phoenix" is marked by Cardin’s rippling melodies, stunningly raw vocals, as well as relatable, direct lyrics written in both English and French. From “Anyone Who Loves Me”, a powerful piano ballad that reminds women of self-love, to “Sad Girl”, a beat-heavy song that depicts the anguish of love lost, the 13-track record is the culmination of about three years of deep reflection and getting in touch with oneself for the artist. hypebae


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