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Last week I started creating a list of industry contacts; radio stations, blogs, press etc to help a friend of mine with her upcoming release. I quickly realised that it's not that easy to find e-mails of actual people. The "list" is a seven-sealed secret that no one is willing to give away that easily. Only a few people I asked were willing to help me with a few contacts. This got me thinking; what do independent musicians do?? Where do they send their press release and how do they find the e-mails?? Why is it such a secret anyway and why can't you not find the name, the title and the e-mail of the people that work on radio stations, blogs, press etc?

I decided to post a picture on the Snax Lyrical instagram account and give an opportunity to anyone that was looking for a name and an e-mail to finally GET ONE. A few musicians have contacted me since and that made me very happy! One of them was this newly formed band called


(c) Niels Mulder

It was such a perfect timing really, as yesterday they released their debut single called

Ultraviolet Lights'.

I listened to it before the release and I loved it! So we decided to do an interview :)

(c) Niels Mulder

Click here to listen to Ultraviolet Lights”!

1. What’s your favourite snack?

Maurijn: We Dutchies love our deep-fried snacks. You can wake me up for a bittergarnituur (a plate with all kinds of small snacks). I’m terrible at choosing, so this is perfect for me!

Daan: If it’s about deep-fried snacks, I would say a kipcorn

Yaresh: Bitterballen!

Timo: I guess a left-over pizza slice!

2. Where are you from, who are you, what’s your role (in the band) and how did you become “Contraire”?

Maurijn: We’re from The Netherlands, the cities Utrecht and Arnhem. I asked for musicians in a post on Facebook, to start this band, and received a lot of messages. I sat down with all of them, to meet everyone. After a time of rehearsing the formation changed a bit, into its current form with Yaresh on bass/synths, Timo on synths/guitar and Daan on drums.

3. Maurijn, you had a 4 year journey as a solo artist. What made you take the decision to steer to another course?

Maurijn: I’ve had some amazing experiences playing solo over the years. I’ve played on lots of cool stages and festivals, but after a while I felt that there was something missing. Especially when you walk off the stage and you can’t share your energy with others. Both musically as mentally it felt time for something new. I’m very happy and full of energy now I’m with this new formation.

4. If you found an unreleased/neverheardbefore track of James Blake , what would you do with it?

Maurijn: Ooh an ethical one.. I would probably make a remix or alter the music on my computer, and then try to get in touch with him. Then hope he likes the new track and do a collab. Yeah that’s the dream of course.

5. If your music was featured in a film, what genre would it be?

Maurijn: I think Ultraviolet Lights would fit in a contemporary movie genre. Maybe a bit sci-fi because of all the synths we use. It would fit in a movie where the main character has like an out-of-body experience, but has to return to its own body again. I guess.

6. What’s the story behind “Ultraviolet Lights”?

Maurijn: Ultraviolet Lights is a song about a night in the club. I actually came up with the first idea for the song on the toilet of a club, when I recorded a voice memo on my phone. The story is about how everything feels more vivid, beautiful and magical in the night. You also don’t feel the pressure and speed of the day when it’s night. That’s why it’s even harder when you see the first glimpse of daylight, and you realise you have to go back.

7. Who are 2 very different artists that explain your taste in music?

Maurijn: I personally love to get inspired by artists in many different genres. This is also a bit what Contraire is about. It’s really all about the mood. For example, I could listen to Tash Sultana all day, and dance on the hypnotising beats of Bicep all night.

8. Who is the best cook out of you?

Yaresh: Definitely not me!

Daan: I dare to say that I am! My signature dish is a pangasius filet marinated with tandoori spices, served with a salad of soybeans, mango, avocado and soaked raisins with a vinaigrette of ginger syrup and rice vinegar. Served with some rice and a very chilly white wine from the Loire. Or my Indonesian grandmother's soto ayam (chicken soup).

Maurijn: Let’s go!

9. Do you have any pets? if yes, tell us more about them

Maurijn: Unfortunately I’m not allowed to have a pet in my apartment. But I’m a real cat person, that would be awesome!

10. Is there an album coming? Any releases, shows or news you’d like to share?

Maurijn: This is our debut single, but we have a lot more plans coming. We’re currently writing a song for the Dutch liberation day, which will be released on the 5th of May. Shortly after that we’ll release our third single. So a lot will come your way!


Click here to listen to Ultraviolet Lights”!

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Ultraviolet Lights // Mini-Documentaire:

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