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cosmovisions _ jelly cleaver

Jelly Cleaver is a guitarist, producer and singer-songwriter based in South London and has been called "one to watch for sure" by BBC 6 Music's Gilles Peterson. She's received the Steve Reid Innovation Award, is a Serious Take Five artist, and was nominated for an Ivors Composer Award. With an eclectic taste in music, Jelly is heavily involved in both the jazz and DIY/post-punk scenes in London. She's also an activist, and a strain of political dissent runs through her music.

Alongside her solo project she also leads disco/jazz seven-piece All Day Breakfast Cafe and spiritual jazz ensemble The Forever Presence.

Jelly’s also an activist, and a strain of political dissent runs through her music. During the lockdown, she helped develop a workshop on Anti-racism which she delivered to Extinction Rebellion groups across the country as well as presenting the workshop at Brainchild Festival. Her recent project "Cosmovisions" builds from these radical roots, imagining a world where humankind can live in harmony with nature and itself.

There’s no way a single listen will be enough to take in all the layers of "Cosmovisions", the latest genre-melding single from guitarist, producer, and singer-songwriter Jelly Cleaver. With an opening bass line that would feel right at home on Herbie Hancock’s Thrust, Cleaver’s arrangement quickly expands into a rich galaxy of R&B harmonies sung over jazz melodies, cascading harps, electric piano, and strings that reveal more of themselves with each visit. glidemagazine


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