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bad omen _ vassiłina

It was summer, 2017, in London. I was working as a waitress in this little Italian delicatessen on Portobello Road, called "Salumeria". Two girls sat on a table outside and when I went over to take their order, I quickly realised that they were Greek. One of them was VASSIŁINA. We had a chat, and they told me that they were looking for flats in the area as Vassilina was moving to London to study music. *Ding ding ding* alarms in my head, I was like "give me your instagram, I am studying music management maybe we can like hang out sometime".

We followed each other and then I never saw her again, apart from that one time that we bumped into each other on Oxford Street! Because I was following her though, I could see all the music projects she was releasing and working on and I was a fan! I loved her music, the way she was expressing herself to her "devoted followers" on social media and I vibed!

I was hooked on her music, I was listening to "Blue house" late at night, "This Is The Last Song I'm Gonna Write For You" on my way to work and You "Think You Know, but Baby You Don't" on my way back from work ON REPEAT, waiting for the next song to drop! And the moment came!

BAD OMEN was released on the 19th of March and I have listened to it more times that I can even count anymore!

Listen to "BAD OMEN" on Spotify here

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If you're not familiar with what a "bad omen" is, it's a sign, either real or imagined, of ill fortune or catastrophe in the future. Every country/culture has their own omens, but here is a list of the most popular ones:

  1. Breaking a mirror; is said to bring seven years of bad luck

  2. Ravens, crows and magpies

  3. Friday the 13th

  4. Opening an umbrella while indoors

  5. Tipping a salt shaker over

  6. Walking under a ladder

  7. Pearls; represent tears and sorrow

  8. Black cat crossing one's path

If you watch the "BAD OMEN" video, you will identify almost all of them. To be honest, I don't even know how the film crew is still alive after purposely recreating so many of them in one day!

VASSIŁINA wrote the song during the first lockdown in London. "The isolation was fucking her brain", while drawing inspiration from the strange dreams she had during those days and the psychosomatic effect that quarantine had on her, "BAD OMEN" was born.

Originally from Greece and based in London, VASSIŁINA composes pieces that balance pop aesthetics with dark electronic influences. She presents a live punk melancholic soundscape, with references from synth-pop and avant-pop; as well as the post-punk British and French scene. With intense reverb, delay, field-recordings, and interactive visuals VASSIŁINA stumbles between chaos and dance music.

In March 2018 she released her first EP, In-Sōma with UndoRecords, followed by the singles Pain and Blue House. Within 2019, she completed two European tours, playing around the UK, Greece, and Italy.

Her upcoming album “Fragments” will be released on May 28th on Inner Ear Records

To pre-order "Fragments" click here









Written by VASSIŁINA

Produced by VASSIŁINA & Tom Wright

Mixed by Tom Wright

Mastered by Stefan Konstantinidis


Director/Editor/Colorist: Grigoris Panopoulos

Art Directors: VASSIŁINA, Matina Megla, Vaso Kakosimou

Set Designer: Vaso Kakosimou

Costume Designer/Stylist: Matina Megla

1st AC: Giorgos Nikopoulos

Gaffer: Dimitris Stamatis

MUA: Stella Vissaraki

Cast: Vassiłina, Filius Kanakis, Georgia Ksirou, Μarika the Crow

#BadOmen #VASSIŁINA #NewRelease #Fragments #SnaxLyrical


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