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electric connect _ milo clare

Milo Clare is a half Jamaican, half Irish songwriter, guitarist and producer based in Kings Cross, London

"After a first spin of ‘Electric Connect’, you might say that the young north Londoner lives in the halfway house between Anderson .Paak and Tame Impala. He brings vibrant funk and soul to modernist hip-hop invention, while his soupy, psyche-tinged guitar work is further fuelled by surreal, spacey production flourishes. But that would also be reductive. There are touches of Frank Ocean and The Internet, echoes of D’Angelo and Prince, and boom-bap beats. Best of all is Milo’s voice. Sensual and smooth, eloquent and expressive, it’s exemplary but naturalist. It’s also the gift that will make him a hot tip for 2022.

Or in short: its beguiling modernist mood makes it a natural fit for a wealth of playlists, whether they’re themed around new music, alt-R&B or chillout, but its hooky insistence recalls the big crossover moments of ‘90s trip-hop." redlightmanagement

Some of his inspirations include names such as; Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, The Fugees and guitar bands like The Pixies, The Cure and RHCP.

"Lyrically, ‘Electric Connect’ looks at a relationship and how a certain person made me feel. I tried to capture their personality in the song as much as mine.” says Milo in an interview with diymag.


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