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About a couple of months ago, I was minding my own business, just casually listening to music and BOOM! This song started playing and everything slowed down. I played "make me think of you" 10 times on a row and then I was like "which artist is this and what other music do they have out because I'M INTO IT". And I'll tell you this; ELIS NOA DO NOT DISAPPOINT!

Since then I've been a committed fan, listening to all their music and just feeling sad that I don't live in Vienna so I can see them live.

Elis Noa is this amazing duo from Austria that make electronic/pop music combined with amazing vocals (I got chills multiple times). They met during their time at music university and started making music in search for honest reflection of their lives and as an expression of their constantly evolving artistic process and identity. Elis Noas’s songs give a sense of longevity while still moving with the frontiers of contemporary pop. The feeling I get when listening to their music is the feeling you get when you're watching a really good movie. You get lost in the emotion and the pictures painted mentally, that once it's over, you feel like you lost a loved one and want to listen on repeat so you can find them again. I decided to reach out and ask them if they'd like to do an interview for the blog. AND THEY SAID YES!!!

• interview •

•What is your favourite snack?

Mine is olives, my dad comes from the South of Italy where I used to get olives that were harvested by hand and they are incredible. Aarons loves mochi.

•How did you meet and how did you decide to collaborate?

We met during our studies at the Jazz department of Viennas Music University. We got to know each other and slowly started working on music. We spent much time together so it naturally developed into a project.

•What is your process of creating a track? How do you divide the tasks?

There really is no formula on how we work as it is always different. At times I come to the studio with a song sketch or a chords progression or a hook and Aaron takes that idea and works on a baseline or drums. Sometimes there is a sample that we like or recorded on a phone that develops into a song.

When we work, the process of songwriting and production is very intertwined, we are both musicians, trying for form a piece of music out of a thought, a feeling and conversation or an experience.

•Would you rather work very hard at a rewarding job or hardly have to work at a job that isn’t rewarding?

Definitely first.

•What was the last series you watched?

At the moment we both enjoy watching the „Chef’s table“ series on Netflix. It’s great to watch people working on their craft with such enthusiasm.

•Describe your music in 3 words

Honest, vibey, intense.

•What was the inspiration behind “Make me think of you” ?

Make me think of you is part of our second album, which describes the process of letting go and the journey that comes with that. Each song of the album musically explores every step of that process, from moments of resistance all the way to the acceptance.

"Make me think of you" are the thoughts about the wellbeing of the other but also the realization that care and empathy can only go as far as the other is willing to receive.

•If you could listen to 5 artists for the rest of your life, which artists would you choose and why?

Probably Emilie Nicolas, Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Frank Ocean, John Coltrane.. this is hard.. also there are so many current artist that we've been listening to like Jazmine Sullivan, Jacob Banks, Jordan Rakei, Oliver Malcolm, Seinabo Sey, I could go on forever :)

•You recently released your new single "I Don’t Like It Here". What was the inspiration behind this track?

"I Don’t Like It Here" will also be on Album Nr 2. This one’s about that moment of realization, rather at the end of the letting go process.

When you finally see the place you are in, realizing being stuck and deciding to move from something that doesn’t grow you anymore. The message of the song comes with the thought that in order to move forward from a space of discontent and unhappiness you need to value yourself enough to get up and leave.

•What does the future hold for “Elis Noa”? Any releases, shows, news you’d like to share?

This year we will focus on the release of the LP and a Summer filled with concerts, new music, new visuals. We are so looking forward to being able to share this piece of music we have been working on so intensely over the last year. Feels like we were really able to grow through it personally and musically. We can’t wait to release it.


I want to thank both Elisa and Aaron for taking the time to answer my questions.



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