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Abe Stupple-Harris - aka Brodsky - is a London based music producer, born and raised in Plymouth, UK. He grew up listening to whatever his Dad decided to play from his dusty collection of records. Music from Buena Vista Social Club, Weather Report, Dave Brubeck and a plethora of classical composers pervaded through Abe’s childhood before he discovered his own taste. When he got his first mp3 player, the pop music of the decade found itself on repeat. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Massive Attack, Gorillaz and a little bit of Scissor Sisters were among the most played. In young adulthood, Brodsky delved deeper into dance and bass music, fueled by the earthy, local rave scene. Drum and Bass, Garage, Glitch Hop and countless other sub-genres deepened his love for the intangible sounds of electronic music. When he moved to London, his palette was broadened further with exposure to dusty disco and the sounds of the city’s biggest vinyl heads. Floating Points, Four Tet, Charlie Bones’ Breakfast Show and Rhythm Section on NTS all served to influence the musical output of Brodsky.

Today, Brodsky’s goal with music has developed into tying together disparate sounds - found, recorded, or designed - to create visceral atmospheres and richly evocative productions.

"Epirus is a collaboration that might never happen in real life. Bringing together traditional sounds from Greece and Africa, and viewing them through a western lens. The result is something powerful, beautiful and melancholic. My favourite things. " Brodsky says.

(p.s.: he is my amazing boyfriend.)


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