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good job nicky

good job nicky became known, firstly in his home country of Greece, for his unique style, which wrapped gently-sung R&B and gospel/Byzantine-like vocals around pop, urban and electronic tones. The young singer-songwriter made his breakthrough in late 2020 with the modern power ballad "January 8th", with a surprising dominance of stripped-down backdrop that puts all the more focus on his own voice and words. europavox

A perfect beginning, followed by a series of impressive singles, such as "Clouds", a dark and compelling hip-hop/pop track with a theme around the artist’s dual identity as human and creator, and "Come Home". europavox

He crafts genre-blurring anthems that smoothly bridge the gap between melodic pop and dynamic urban/r&b sounds. His introspective lyrics don’t shy away from themes of bitterness, but also keep the balance with his most optimistic moments, like his song "Blue"“Blue come back/and turn the sky from grey” he sings while he wanders around his kaleidoscopic planet like an alternative Le Petit Prince in the official videoclip. europavox

My latest song crush by good job nicky is "Do The Gods Cry":



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