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birds of vale

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by a music & art label from Greece, called Bitter Tea Records. They sent me an e-mail asking me to have a look on this newly formed band called "Birds of Vale". Their approach was so professional and kind that I decided to have a look.


Birds of Vale is the result of two friends' urge to play rock n' roll. The band was formed in 2019 in Athens, GR and took its current form in early 2020. Later that year, Birds of Vale recorded their debut double single at Suono Studios, in Athens and their first track "Devil in" saw the light at the dawn of this troubled year. "Beautiful Girl" followed shortly there after.

Their music is an ode to the 70's heavy blues/rock n' roll sound blended with a modern twist.

Going through the lyrics of "Devil in", memories got back to me of how it feels to be in love and suffer. How someone can be "an angel in disguise" and make you go crazy for them only to realise that they had the "devil in" all along. It is such a powerful feeling as it makes you addicted to them, always wanting more, driving day and night to satisfy their needs only to understand that they didn't care and they never will.

"Devil in" feels like the type of song that you put on whilst in your car, turn the volume all the way up, play air drums/air guitar/air everything and keep driving. "Keep the devil in" and "lose your mind".

If that's not rock, then what is?


► Find Birds of Vale on Bandcamp - ► Follow Birds of Vale on Spotify - ► Follow Birds of Vale on YouTube - ► Birds of Vale socials -

Birds of Vale are Nikos Liakos - Vocals

Laz Kagkelidis - Guitars

Kostis Papagiannopoulos - Bass

Nikos Manatos - Drums, Percussion


P.S.: I just felt the need to mention a few things about Bitter Tea Records. I don't really know the people behind this label and I have no other interactions with them rather than a few e-mails. I was seriously impressed of the way the approached me and the work they put in for their artists. Their email had all the information I needed as a "blogger", as well as an EPK with lyrics, artworks, bios etc. I am so proud and happy to see organised and brilliantly executed projects like this one. This might be very "typical" for a lot of people and not impressive in any way, but if you had seen how many artists lack of organised representation out there, and other press releases I have received through the years, you would also appreciate the work of Bitter Tea Records! Most importantly, they were vibrant, supportive and kind, which to me is exactly the type of people I like supporting and working with. Find them on Instagram: #Introducing #BirdsofVale #Devilin #SnaxLyrical #BitterTeaRecords


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