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maniac _ lily agnès

Up until 2 weeks ago, I had no idea who Lily Agnès is, but a Saturday night at The Waiting Room changed everything. I was there to watch my friend Alice Auer perform, when Lily came on the stage as the opening act.

Do you know that feeling you get when you stumble across an amazing artist and you can't stop smiling about the fact that they were introduced into your life? Like, when you listen to your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and an amazing track starts playing and everything suddenly stops and your attention focuses only in this piece of brilliant music? THAT'S WHAT HAPPEND TO ME WHEN I LISTENED TO LILY!

You all know that I'm a sucker for a good vocal, especially when it includes riffs and runs. Lily has it all! Her song lyrics are so interesting and her voice is smooth like butter!

At that gig, she played "maniac" live, and announced it's coming out next week.


Lyric video:

Watch here the acoustic live version:

"Lily Agnes is a 22 year old vocalist & songwriter born in South East London and raised in the Home Counties of England. Influenced by artists like Lewis Taylor, Madison Cunningham and Lianne La Havas, Lily is expected burst into the scene in 2022 with the follow up to her 2018 debut single, Year or Two. After three years of dedicated music study Lily has now come full circle and settled back in her creative home of London with new ideas, abilities and perspectives.Writing way beyond her years, her Soulful Indie Folk project promises to be a vibrant but vulnerable, soul bearing exploration of what it’s like to be a 20 something living in the city." spotify


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