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marocco _ satoshy

Born in south Italy (Calabria) in 1996, Antonio Russo aka Satoshy is a music producer and sound engineer based in East London. He approached music manly through Rap, but since a young age was always open to any kind of sound and genre. ThreeMoonFighters is his first solo project as music producer, which he defines as "a collection of raw ideas". Antonio was also involved in two bands, one as producer (Amp Medley & Satoshy - Mosaics / 2018) and one as a rapper/producer (Satoshy & La Banda Balloon - L'ignoto / 2019).

“Marocco” is the first track that he produced after coming back from my amazing solo trip in Morocco, like all of the rest of the track, it wasn’t meant to be published and at that time was just a way to release all of the energies that he accumulated during the trip. “Marocco” and “The Shaman Is Back” are the oldest tracks included in the ep, you can notice that they are more kind of “hip hop/rap beats” that is basically where he's coming from and even if he hasn't been changing probably a lot since then,he still loves that sound and that's why he felt they must be included.

"I also was thinking to feature a rapper on the track, but then I thought why I don t leave it as an instrumental so anyone can rap on it or do scratches or whatever, this is also linked with what I was saying before, I still like to show where I came from and I know this is not a beat-tape but is thanks to this song if I kept the balance that I like between present and past. What I mainly like about the beat is that is raw, fat and dirty like a golden age beat, but the rhythm is more kind of “new” and the “psychedelic” but in the same time organic sample gives that trip hop feel." he says.


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