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movement in place _ whereswilder

"Whereswilder define Movement in place as a mental process where time halts, giving you the opportunity to realize what is happening around you

Through this process, the mind surpasses the frantic everyday life and allows the individual to become an observer, an interpreter and –sometimes- he is brought against small moment of epiphanies; that could change the way one perceives themselves but at the same time everyone in their surroundings. Recorded at Electric Highway Studios, in Athens, the band teamed up with John Vulgaris (Bazooka) for the album’s production.

In this new album, Whereswilder draw inspiration from the musical diversity of the ‘70s. Elements of genres such as soft rock, soul, funk and singer-songwriter, are skillfully combined in 13 new compositions, each describing a daily story of how “Movement In Place” can happen to someone.

The photo used as the album’s cover was captured by photographer Evan Maragkoudakis, while the painting that is hanging on the walls in the same room of the album’s cover, is by Stefanos Pletsis. These two visual features are also an interpretation of the album title, offering the listener an immersive audiovisual experience." bandcamp

Giannis Rallis: Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Vassilis Nissopoulos: Vocals, Bass, Keys

Alekos Voulgarakis: Guitars

Manolis Giannikios: Drums, Percussion


Music & Lyrics by Whereswilder

Arranged by Whereswilder

Produced by Whereswilder & John Vulgaris

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Electric Highway Studios in Athens, Greece

Mixing Engineer: John Vulgaris

Assistant Engineer: Vassilis Nissopoulos

Photography by Evan Maragkoudakis

Artwork by Stefanos Pletsis

Layout by Giannis Rallis released by United We Fly.

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