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NEFΛEΛI is a Greek artist currently based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Born into a distinguished music family, she decided to leave her birthplace to discover

and pursue her own artistic identity and signature. Her life has been a journey full of

various musical endeavours, one that has given her the opportunity to experience and

experiment on lots of different musical sounds.

Her main interests involve singing, composition, and production; she is also interested in

the visual element which she incorporates into her work.

Her music ebbs and flows inside a contemporary and experimental electronic framework

which often incorporates traditional elements - mainly Greek, Turkish, and Arabic music

widely spread by the descendants of the Greek diaspora. She also draws references from

alternative pop and experimental post-rock music. Through the years she has been

looking up to artists such as Radiohead, Son Lux, Sevdaliza, Billie Eilish, Stromae and


Her artistic process progresses as an assemblage of ideas; it involves the mixing and

matching of all things that catch her ear, an amalgam of random and non-random

references that merge together. NEFΛEΛI is interested in and expresses herself

through a plethora of signs and styles of interest such as visual, auditory, and overall

sensory experiences. This is how her first album, “I Breathe” comes to life, inside her

own living room.​


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