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of time _ katerine duska

"Katerine Duska was born on 6th of November 1989, in Montreal, Canada from Greek parents. From a young age, she studied classical guitar. When she was a teenager she moved with her family in Greece. There she studied law at the University of Athens. In 2016 she released her first album entitled “Embodiment”.

In 2018, her song “Fire Away”, which is included in her first album was selected for the televised ad of a famous company in Canada. Until today her song “One In A Million” is the one with the most views on her YouTube channel. Her voice reminds a lot to Amy Winehouse’s and the comparison between them is inevitable. In 2019, she represented Greece in Eurovision. Her song “Better Love” entered the charts of Greece, reaching the 4th position in the Greek Digital Single Chart. At the contest, Katerine placed 21st with 74 points." myeurofreaks

“Of Time” was released on January 28, 2022. The song follows up “Athenian Skies”, which was released last June. As with the previous song, it was written by Katerine Duska and David Sneddon, produced by Anu Pillai and Daniel Hyde. The music video was directed by Elle Terse. In this song, Katerine said she poured her heart and soul! She's questioning about her relationship. Is it over? Are they gonna make it better? Are they out of time? pmstudio


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