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one million pieces _ leap

Born and raised between Edinburgh and Cape Town, as well as studying at music school in Brighton, you could say that Jack Scott is a man with a diverse background, and this is exactly how we should approach his latest project LEAP. Originally making a name for himself as the charismatic frontman of promising indie outfit "The Mispers", Jack releases his debut EP "One Million Pieces"

If Placebo, Muse, Khartoum and My Chemical Romance somehow had an orgy and created a child, that would be Jack's EP. LEAP creates an energetic and untameable atmosphere, with distorted guitar sounds and powerful drums. His music is so personal, transparent and raw. Taking us deep inside his psyche, the EP delves into the moments when exhilaration veers into loss of control, inspired by his own experience with being bi-polar, addiction and mental health battles.


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