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oysters in my pocket _ royel otis

Royel Otis are embarking on the journey. Their debut EP ‘Campus’ promises the kind of sonic adventure that many band’s spend a career trying to capture. The bond between the two 20-somethings reveals a kindship running far deeper than Otis and Royel’s nascent friendship, evoking influences that resonate with a power that’s at once both timeless and vital.

“When we started the project we wanted to capture that feeling of driving down the coast with the window down and the sun’s out,” recalls frontman Otis of their formative mission statement. “A lot of my favourite songs have that nostalgic vibe to them and we wanted to conjure that feeling where memories from your childhood flood back to you.” Drawing inspiration from old Japanese city pop records and ‘90s nostalgia and produced by Julian Sudek, the guys sent their track off to the legendary mixer Dave Fridmann who agreed to mix their debut song.


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