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don't lie to your mind _ piel fluida

Every artist, especially in the beginning of their career, is going through music phases, discovering themselves and finding their sound. Piel Fluida is working on an album, while working towards her signature music aesthetic and she just released the first single! It's called "Don't Lie To Your Mind"

Production: Piel Fluida

Vocals: Piel Fluida

Music/Lyrics : Piel Fluida

Mix/Master: Piel Fluida & aprovoli

Artwork : Chrysa Agathou

Her music identifies mainly as electronic, but with soul, R&B and blues influences. After a brief chat I had with her, she explained to me her vision behind her upcoming album. I have to say, I LOVE IT when artists have a whole vision planned behind their releases, especially when everything connects under the same "umbrella".

It's all about the RED LIGHT. Her inspiration, her muse, comes when the RED LIGHT is on . She is the driving force, inspiring her, making her feel the feels. I am not going to say more, I want to build anticipation.

I am so excited about this release! Firstly because Piel Fluida is from my hometown, and secondly, because this is my first blog post EVER and I am so happy to write about an artist I admire :)


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