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RealestK is a 17-year-old alternative R&B singer from Beirut, Lebanon and raised in Toronto, Ontario. In 2021 his song “WFM” went viral on TikTok followed by every other music platform, sparking a competitive industry-wide race to sign him. He gained coveted cosigns from Toronto mainstays Drake and Nav. “WFM” single debuted at #75 on the Billboard Hot 100, certifying the artist’s meteoric rise and generating over 2 million TikTok video creations to date. “WFM” rose to #19 on the Apple Music US chart (#24 Global) and #51 on Spotify US chart (#73 Global).

For several months, RealestK was creating videos on TikTok, outwardly manifesting the success of his music and career. Fans that found him early, got to witness as his dreams became a reality, right in front of their eyes.

When “WFM” took off, fans across the world got to witness as established artists and labels flocked to show the young artist appreciation for what he was able to do in such a short time.

“WFM” continues to dominate across streaming and social media platforms, with over 60 million streams on Spotify alone, however, RealestK’s catalogue of impressive hits continues to grow. Fans can go back and find songs like “Confessions,” “SWM,” and “Miss Me,” or even listen to the brand-new songs “Patience,” and “Toxic,” which all feature addictive elements of spacey, dark, and hard-hitting alternative R&B.

The artist is only 17 years old but based on the emotion and feeling behind his music, he’s clearly mature for his age. We can’t help but be excited for the young artist who seemingly cares more about the music than he does about being the centre of attention. His voice is very soulful and even though the song has minimal production it is still very powerful. Of course, he has been manifesting this success, but even he has to be surprised with how fans have responded.


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