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sasha keable

Sasha Keable is a British singer and songwriter of Colombian descent from South London, England. Despite Keable’s early aspirations of becoming a vet, she took to writing songs throughout her childhood.Penning daily entries, Keable’s sentences turned to poems, poems to songs. Upon realising she didn’t have to ingest the music given to her, she soon began creating her own. What came next was Keable’s introduction to the esteemed BRIT school. wonderlandmagazine

Since graduating, Keable has amassed three intimate EPs; "Lemongrass and Limeleaves", "MAN" and "Intermission", one album; "Black Book" and co-wrote and featured alongside Disclosure with their infamous track “Voices”. Over the past two years, Keable has been grappling with heartache and learning to be content on her own, without relying on others to provide that happiness. wonderlandmagazine

Beloved in the UK, Sasha takes advantage of her lyrical prowess to reflect on heartbreak, men, sex and more. The South London-born artist is best known for her dynamic vocal capabilities and her poignant lyrics. “And I don’t give second chances, but if you make those advances, you could be my exception,” she riffs on the track. Taking inspiration from Motown and 70s soul and R&B artists like Donny Hathaway, it's no question the passion and talent that goes into Sasha’s work. coeval-magazine

Using her words as a confessional memento, while “Intermission” tours new terrain for the artist, it continues to help aid the journey in understanding her conscience better. “I’ve had quite severe mental health issues since I was like six or seven, and it wasn’t until about five years ago that it was talked about.” Following the pioneering documentary led by Jamal Edwards back in 2017 on mental health in the music industry, she recalls how shocked those around her seemed. wonderlandmagazine


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