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sixteen hundred miles _ nuâge

I have been following this artist for months now! She was recommended to me by a friend with the "promise" that something really good is coming up and I should stay up-to-date with her socials!

After posting a couple of video teasers on her instagram account, I must say I was really intrigued and subscribed to her Youtube channel to get a notification in case something pops up!

Today, my waiting was finally over.

Nuâge just introduced her first synth-pop single called ''sixteen hundred miles'' AND I AM OBSESSED!

The video finds a broken couple, at an old semi-functional adventure park, who are trying not to end their relationship in a bad way. Brilliant photography and beautiful shots! A fresh and creative idea, that to me says more about how addictive abusive relationships can be and how many people are trapped in them. The adventure park could potentially symbolise the childish innocence a relationship can have in the beginning, when everything seems fun and colourful. And the end, can be the cruel but liberating death of a relationship like this one.

"...sixteen hundred miles, and you cant stand yourself..." How far does someone have to travel, to find their inner peace? What if sixteen hundred miles are not enough?

The song will be included in the forthcoming synth-pop/minimal synth/80s revival with-a-dash-of-disco album "sixteen hundred miles", which will be released soon in vinyl and in digital form.

This album itself is a dedication to a break-up, a loss and sticky chewed gums.



Facebook: Instagram: Bandcamp: Mixing and production: Giotis Paraskevaidis // Nuâge at AUX studio Mastering: Nasos Nomikos at VU Studios

Cast: Elena Mengreli // Yorgos Zygouris Written by: George Zafeiropoulos Directed/Edited by: Alex Papathanasopoulos Director of Photography: Petros Nousias GSC ​ Production Manager: Marilena (Elma) Efthimiou 1st Assistant Director: Zabela Chaviara Costume Designer: Dimitra Sourlantzi Makeup Artist: Alexandra Myta Practical Effects: Prokopis Vlaseros // Maria Staikou 1st Assistant Camera: Yorgos Margaris 2nd Assistant Camera: Costas Papathanasopoulos Gaffer: Aimilia May Vrotsou Camera/Lighting Equipment: DK Rental House Production Assistant: Rania Mavriki Color Grading: Dimitris Karteris VFX: Adreas Lampropoulos Artworks / Graphic Design: Mariniki Bakali Special thanks: Odysseas Spyropoulos, Dimitris Katranidis, Antonis Louizos, Iasis,, Dora Papantonopoulou

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