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slime _NEFΛEΛI

ΝΕFΛΕΛΙ is a Greek artist currently based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Born into a distinguished music family, she decided to leave her birthplace to discover and pursue her own artistic identity and signature. Her life has been a journey full of various musical endeavours, one that has given her the opportunity to experience and experiment on lots of different musical sounds.

Her main interests involve singing, composition, and production; she is also interested in the visual element which she incorporates into her work.

Her music ebbs and flows inside a contemporary and experimental electronic framework which often incorporates traditional elements - mainly Greek, Turkish, and Arabic music widely spread by the descendants of the Greek diaspora. She also draws references from alternative pop and experimental post-rock music. Through the years she has been looking up to artists such as Radiohead, Son Lux, Sevdaliza, Billie Eilish, Stromae and others.

Her artistic process progresses as an assemblage of ideas; it involves the mixing and matching of all things that catch her ear, an amalgam of random and non-random references that merge together. ΝΕFΛΕΛΙ is interested in and expresses herself through a plethora of signs and styles of interest such as visual, auditory, and overall sensory experiences. This is how her first album, “I Breathe” comes to life, inside her own living room.​

"Like most of my creations, Slime was born through a stacking of elements; vocals, instrumental layers, and lyrics. It portrays a drugged state of mind, a life formed by materiality and vanity. A condemned existence that traps us into the status quo, constantly seeking for society’s approval and never our own for ourselves." says NEFΛEΛI.

If you know me, you probably know that I've worked on the promotion and distribution for this album. I can't believe how lucky I have been to have met and worked with this amazing artist! NEFΛEΛI's music is a journey between countries and sounds, and I'm a vip guest on the train.

Not only she is an insanely talented vocalist, but she is an extremely creative producer too. Her tight harmonies and vocal layering work so well with the chord progressions throughout the album. At times reminding me of James Blake and Sevdaliza, and other times of Goran Bregovic and Ibrahim Maalouf's music.I haven't stopped playing it since she sent me the first demos, back in February 2021. And if you think that she created, recorded and produced everything in her own living room, IT'S JUST MIND BLOWING. I love her music, I love her as a friend, as a person, I love her creativity and the level of professionalism and perfectionism she delivers. She is a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to work on more future projects with her.


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