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snax pack_ 014 • june 2022

HELLO! For those of you that are new here, WELCOME, this is #snaxpack, a list of my monthly highlights/recommendations!

(It's not a requirement for any of the songs to have been released on the following month. The only requirement is for me to enjoy listening to it enough to recommend it!) ➪ Renewed on the 1st of each month, so make sure you save the tracks you loved, and please add the playlist to your library! Each like contributes to this blog's growth 🧡

1. Lubalin - Whose Love

2. Lewis Taylor - Final Hour

3. Priya Ragu - Deli

4. Cat Burns ft. Sam Smith - go

5. Cleo Sol - Sunshine

6. SOLOMON - my dear

7. Common Saints - Dreams

8. Lorde - The Path

9. Tempesst - Must be a Dream

10. Tame Impala - The Boat I Row


There you have it my fellow music explorers! My top 10 for June 2022. (The order is completely random)

You are more than welcome to become my amazing patreon and support my journey. All tiers have been named based on how much money an artist can potentially make through music platforms (yeah, you won't get much from Spotify unless you're Ariana Grande).

You could get EXCLUSIVE AND LIMITED stickers, mugs or tote bags, after 3 payments depending on the tier you choose :)

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I am interested to hear what you think of my #SnaxPack, please write your comments below, AND go check these amazing artists out! They're all brilliant!

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