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stevie _ warpaint

Warpaint are making their triumphant return this spring with their first new album in six years. The Los Angeles-based quartet will drop "Radiate Like This" on May 6th. Ahead of the release, we’ve been offered a sneak peek into the kind of slow-slung groovecraft we can expect with the new single "Stevie", which arrives alongside a trippy, 360 degree visual. faroutmagazine Opening up about the new track in a recent statement, Warpaint said: “‘Stevie’ is a love song, pure and true. Sincere as it comes with a little bit of Freak. A cosmic celebration of the thing we all look for in life. And our contribution to one of the most beloved song genres.

‘Stevie’ arrives alongside an immersive accompanying video, for which Warpaint teamed up with the art and technology collective Fascinated By Everything, created by Chris Holmes. The “fully immersive” experience is VR responsive and can be entered using an Oculus headset. faroutmagazine

“All of the visuals are made from physical objects, so all of the light colour and texture come from the real world and not just computer-generated graphics.” faroutmagazine


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